I am totally blown away from Stephanie Meyer and her books “Twilight”. At first I did not care much of the hype going on around me. The movie coming out with these great new actors.. na, did not interest me at all.
Than I heard the soundtrack. Paramore with decode!! Absolutely fantastic. The soundtrack is very cool so therefore I bought it and I was pretty satisfied with “only” this part of my interactiveness.

Parents at work started talking about taking their kids to the cinema to watch the film. Kids, 10 to 12 years of age going to see Twilight. Ok, that was a sign. I do not need to see the film, if kids are going for it.

My neighbor than started talking about it. She read the books and wanted to know, if I have the film on dvd per rental. One day I actually received the rental dvd and told her to come over, so we could have a popcorn evening.

The first time I saw Twilight (first part) I was not really electrified. The song “decode” wasn´t played, which disappointed me alittle. Also the film seemed to be more fitting for youngsters. But it wasn´t bad, just very “neat”.
The next day I watched the film in english. Something changed or maybe I changed, but the film started catching me and did not let me go. The way the actors “played” the passion and anxiety for each other. It was starting to become magical.
The third time I watched it, I was hooked up, just totally addicted to it. I get goose bumps watching it and after the film is over it haunts me some hours.
This was the beginning of my twilight hype!

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Published: November 2nd, 2009

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