Ok, so I started with the soundtrack, than I watched the film (three times) and now of course I have to read the books. Just want to check, if the film is half as good as the books.

I thought alright, I will just buy the first 2 books. They are not that expensive, because they are paperback. Great.
I start reading and all of a sudden I just cannot stop! The pages are flying and after 2 or 3 days of intensive reading I am already half way thru the first book. Usually I need at least one year to finish a “good” book. I mean, I read sometimes on the weekend or on vacation and hardly evenings under the week before going to bed. Now I am reading every night before turning off the light at 11:00 pm. The weekends are now occupied by sitting in a chair or laying in bed and reading. Saturdays and Sundays just flying by and I am finished with the second book!
What now!! I need to know how it continues… where to go! My gameplan: after work I will drive into the city and get the last 2 books in hardcover. Expensive, but who cares!! I cannot wait 6 to 12 months!! Impossible!!

So I bought the last two books and had them done in 2 weeks. Just unbelievable!! That went so quick that I tried to slow myself down toward the end of book 4. But the story itself and the storytelling is just so fantastic, you cannot stop reading!!!

The feelings these books lightened up in me were so extraordinary, so unbelievable and magical.
The author Stephanie Meyer really has a great way of transporting the reader into the role of Bella (and later Jacob). It is so easy to dip into this world in Forks, that you do not want to leave it!! The romantic and passion that I felt in book 1, 3 and 4 was so overwhelming! I did not want the feeling to pass away.
It seemed that every emotion that lingers behind the sentences were really felt by the author. Stephanie Meyer has a fantastic gift to export these feelings through her words and sentences and making them real like air and sunlight.

I must say that the young actors have really done a great job to express these feelings in the film through their roles. Of course there are plenty of differences between the book and the film, but to be honest, the film which uses different puzzle pieces still makes the picture whole. The changes in the film are somehow reasonable. I believe the second film (new moon) will be closer to the book. The premiere shown on MTV and also in a music video are very close to the book.

I am honestly a big big fan of Twilight and even a bigger fan of Stephanie Meyer! I can only hope and pray that Stephanie Meyer continues to write alot of books.

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Published: November 2nd, 2009

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