To reach more readers the following post is in english (Um mehr Leser zu erreichen, ist der folgende Beitrag in englisch).

Update 05.08.2006: Because I have written a different restriction plugin called Disclose-Secret, that is doing the same job in a much more „WordPress 2.x“ manner, you shouldn’t use this plugin at all.

There’s a great plugin on the net called Post Levels. At the time of writing this post it is in version 0.2.1. and has a major issue with WordPress 1.5.1.x installations. Basically spoken the plugin shows certain posts only to registered user with a given user level. With the original plugin this works great in general but fails if you want to show up only a single post that is restricted by the Post Levels plugin. Such a case for example appears if you try to comment on a post restricted by Post Levels.

The original writer Filipe Fortes did a great job on writing this plugin but currently seems not to have time to support it. I fixed the above issue with some kind of hack, but it works well for me. Besides extracting the provided archive into your wp-content folder and activate it in the admin panel, nothing else is to do. You can read about the changes I did to the plugin in the comments of Filipes blog. Because copying the code into the comments proofed to be error prone I now release a fixed branched version of the plugin. My branch may be abandoned when Filipe provides an official bug fix or new version. Until that you’ll find the branched plugin here.

The bugfix contains the following new features:

  • Bugfix: Let posts show up even for Level 0 users.
  • Bugfix: Let posts show up in single post view for WP 1.5.1.x.
  • Feature: Showing an icon and the level near the post title to indicate the restriction. Idea and artwork from the abandoned Viewlevel plugin by Kendra Burbank. You can configure this feature in the code but also works great by default.

For the curious:

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