To reach more readers the following post is in english (Um mehr Leser zu erreichen, ist der folgende Beitrag in englisch).

I hacked a new wordpress plugin called „The Oracle“ randomizing every option in the WordPress options table in your database out of a set of possible values you can configure. By this e.g. you can randomize the blog description as shown at the very top of this page. After every reload a different description will be shown. The plugin can be downloaded here. Installation is as all usual WordPress plugins. Just decompress the file into your wordpress wp-content folder and activate it in the admin plugin control panel. Configuration of the plugin can be done from the admin plugin control panel.

I may rework the plugin configuration and support the extensible admin pages introduced with WordPress 1.5 if there are enough guys who want to have this.

For the curious: A complete list of plugins running this blog can be found here.

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Veröffentlicht: 2. Januar 2005

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