We have a problem. We really do not know, where we should spend our vacation. At first we thought of Turkey. We were there last year in November and it was great. It was possible to swim in the ocean, which of course we did. (I will write more about our trip in this blog… might take a while). This year? Na, we want to see something new.

So we thought of Tunisia. I checked some proposals and read some hotel ratings and that depressed me alittle. The ratings were unsteady, I mean you had everything.. from extremely poor to fantastic. But one thing struck out the most, service is not cheap. So, that thought has now died.

Our goals are:
– it has to be warm, sonny and dry (so that we can swim in the ocean or pool)
– good value for good money
– nothing exotic (e.g. Asia)

If you have any ideas, please page a comment. It would really help us. Thank you!

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