To reach more readers the following post is in english (Um mehr Leser zu erreichen, ist der folgende Beitrag in englisch).

Since summer 2004 I am using WordPress as my personal blogging plattfrom. Despite the fact that I am not a big friend of their release politics and also of the qualitiy of testing they are doing before packaging a new release, I do enjoy the possibilities of highly customizing the WordPress base system by installing plugins. Every now and then I come up with some new ideas of how my blog should work. Finding a plugin that satisfies all my needs in such a case isn’t easy all the time and often enough I find a plugin with a great idea but some flaws, too. Almost all of my plugins are born out of the situation to fix the flaws:

  • Disclose-Secret plugin for WordPress
    The Disclose-Secret plugin only shows WordPress content to other users if they meet certain access criteria.
  • Exec-PHP plugin for WordPress
    The Exec-PHP plugin allows <?php ?> tags inside the content or excerpt of your posts and pages to be executed just as in usual PHP files.
  • Comvatars plugin for WordPress
    The Comvatars plugin shows avatar images on user comments to uniquely identify the author of a comment much like various bulletin board systems do.

Some of my plugins are discontinued for various reasons. They are listed here just for historical reasons and as a reference:

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Published: January 6th, 2006


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